Devotions for March

Week One

Consider This:

“As long as the Lord gives breath, give Praise to God as tomorrow is not promised”

I’m learning to count my days and give You praise

Because it’s all about you my God & King;

It’s no more I but Christ in my ways

Bringing You into my everything.

In humility and excellence you dwell in man

Holiness meeting with sin;

Your power within,  the eternal plan

Turns our weakness to want to win.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father and in the Name of Jesus, empower me to live to the fullest TODAY!   If we continue to live for tomorrow, we miss out on today which is really our life.   Our life is in the moment, because if we’re experiencing the moment, then we are obviously still living.  May I be the expression of Christ’s love and gentleness and grace everywhere I go today.  May I give grace in exchange for anger for this is the fullfillment of your Law.

Week Two

Consider This:

“Trials were never intended to be permanent, but active in achieving a changed character therefore brought for a purpose…..”

God grant me courage to face this trial

For I need not fear that it will win;

You know the end from the start with a smile,

Our perfection you’ve seen before sin.

Sin has invaded our original design

Where we were in oneness with You, Our Love;

Deep within it remains with a shine,

Desiring it’s rest from above.

Trials break me with a surrender

Each time the shine beginning to peak

All for a purpose to lure

Our oneness with You we seek.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father and in the Name of Jesus, empower me to overcome this trial because You promise that who do, will sit with you on the throne!  (Revelation) I realize now that you are not going to remove this hard time from me, but will strengthen me through it.  It’s not want I want to hear, but I purpose to Trust You for You Are Worthy!  True, I may not understand it at all, but I don’t have to —- Just Trust and Obey For there’s no Other Way!

Week Three

“Consider that true joy & happiness must come from an existence of Oneness with God rather than happenings”

May I seek your Face and You alone

As my only help in time of need;

This thorn will not move as I deeply groan

So long a seeking from this to be freed.

Even your Son voiced that this cup may pass?

Not granted was your wise reply

Held for the greater good and mass

Because of love, life offered to die.

Like Christ, I must take this thorn

and trust that pain does accomplish good

Cause thru pain I’ve learned to adorn

And depend and trust, He not always understood.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father and in the Name of Jesus, I was again declare your Word as Life and strength to my soul, a present reality.  It only ignites and is released through faith, the only way it lives.  I must fan its flames through mere action and not by feeling.  Your Word will never, ever fail.  Amen.

Week Four

“Consider that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us is really the PRESENCE of God Christ enabling us to face all things…”

I thirst to seek Your Presence at all time in my life

Appear to my soul oh sweet Jesus, my familiar Love;

Where there’s fullness of Joy that knows no strife

Maintaining power and anointing from the One above.

For in Your Great Presence there’s truly no pain

Only Joy immeasurable created for our soul;

Let us labor to defeat the block of your rain

Which is fear, bringing darkness, its only role.

Grant us courage to fight this fear

For you’ve given us all we need

Your Great and precious promise may we hear

Arising within, giving Life, for our soul to be freed!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father and in the Name of Jesus, interject the reality of Your great presence within my heart today that will truly extinguish all fear and any other spirits that tries to exalt itself against You, the Great and Mighty Warrior!  All I need is you My Treasure, My Lord, My Divine!

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